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Serenity Fellowship

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  • Qld.:
  • Megan Maher, SVH Master Practitioner & Teacher: Ipswich 0403-370 430 for Ipswich Fellowship
  • Val Price, SVH Master Practitioner: Jondaryan Qld. 07-4692 7759 for Dalby
  • Reverend Michael Bray, Email us
  • Reverend Sharon Ellis, Sunshine Coast Qld. 0419-699 006
  • Reverend Jennifer Rayner, Brisbane Qld. 07-5450 6585

  • NSW:
  • Reverend Sandra Mayor, NSW. 
  • Reverend Robyn Stephen, Willoughby NSW. 02-9967 9415 web

  • Vic.:
  • Reverend Marie Pavel, Aspendale Vic. 03-9587 6475.
  • Reverend Alistair Larmour, Melbourne. 0402-656 642 web site

  • S.A.:
  • Reverend Jeshika McPhee, Adelaide SA. m: 0414-770 289


  • Reverend Rhonda Bethune, Te Puna, Tauranga. +64-7-552-5108

  • USA / CANADA / EUROPE / World-wide:

  • Reverend Jill Marie, (Founder of SVH & Serenity Ministries®)

              Phone: + 1-208-938-2722  web

*     Reverend Michael Bray: email

Promoting Peace, Personal Empowerment
and the Collective Expansion

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We gift donations to:

Orphan Homes: in Mumbai, India, Peru and Cairo, Egypt.

The Smith Family and Daniel Morcombe Foundation, helping kids in Australia.

Michael travels with Serenity Ministers and the group were in Egypt Dec 2009 & in India late October 2011 to mid-November. They visited Asha Daan, an Orphan Home in Mumbai, India, on 14 & 15 November 2011 and the orphanage in Peru in Dec. 2012; they are amazing healing places for people in need. Michael also likes to support children in Australia, through several organisations, listed below, with donations through Serenity Fellowship.

If you would like Michael to send your donations for orphanages to Jill Marie (founder of SVH), who will them directly buy goods, medicines and clothes for the orphanages in India, Peru & Egypt, which are always needed. He & Rev. Jill Marie will also pay the PayPal fee so that your total donation will go directly to the orphanage. Please Email Michael

Your donation can also be given to The Smith Family, helping Australian kids and to the Daniel Morcombe Foundation protecting kids.

Decide where you want your donation to go - or use the specific links below. Many Thanks if you choose to give a donation - you can choose the amount, in Au $’s.

We have donated over $650 to kids in Australia, Peru & India.

Here are links to causes/places you may choose to donate to:

The Smith Family - helping all Australian kids 

Daniel Morcombe Foundation - implementing ‘harm prevention’ for kids in Australia

and the refugees in Africa, Thank you

With much Gratitude and appreciation, Michael

Disclaimer: Serenity Ministries is committed to support Asha Daan and the Sisters of Charity worldwide, as well as other humanitarian efforts that support children and individuals in need. However, we are not directly affiliated with Mother Teresa’s organization or collecting donations in their name or in the name of any religion. We also assist The Smith Family in Australia, helping all Australian kids.

We do not discriminate; offering support to orphans and the needy of all races and creeds. It is our desire to uplift the battered, the broken, the homeless and displaced. We do this through prayer, unconditional love and open hearted generosity.

If you are called to support Project Asha Daan and our other humanitarian efforts, please know that 100% of all donations go to these projects. If you would like to play an even more active role in this work, we can add you to our contact list. Thank you. email

Some Ministers on a World Mission, Egypt, Nov. 2009

(Jill Marie{founder}, Jennifer, Michael, Rhonda, Sandy, Sharon, Marie & Cris, plus many others in the team from other countries.)

* * * * * * * *


On a recent Mission to India 

for 11-11-11 @ 11:00am.

A Spiritual Wedding at the Taj Mahal

* * * * * 

On our recent trip to Peru & Easter Island for 12/12/12 and 21/12/12.:

1- Machu Picchu Planetry Healing on 12/12/12

2- Rapa Nui: World, earth & universe Healing on 21/12/12

a very amazing journey for us all.

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