You are a Magnificent Amazing Being 
and we are all made from Stardust.

Earth Fellowship

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Click here for a NEW Angel / Love healing:  site  - opens in a new window - go to Fairy Golden Healing under the 2 Angels

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Visit:  http://www.serenityministry.com/lectures.html  -  opens in a new window. Enjoy.

Click here - for Freedom Train - opens in a new window

For your spiritual exploration, you are invited to visit the web site below - there you will find many talks, on a vast range of topics, that gifts you with insights about Serenity Ministries and  ways you can help change your planet and our universe. Enjoy.

Scroll down \/ for the following: God's Mirror and Glass House Mountains Mission. Freedom Train Mega Healing is above /\

Lectures & MP3 files (from SVH:)

Some of the titles, if you keep scrolling down on the site are:

  • God's Mirror - scroll down \/
  • Balanced Baby - with over a million processes, very powerful, 27 min.
  • Mission Link - follow Serenity Ministers on healing missions, 16 mins.
  • Wonderful World - yes it is, 10 mins.
  • 3 Minute break - meditation, 20 mins.
  • Millionaire mindset - be abundant in many aspects, 9 mins.
  • Freedom Train - scroll up  /\
  • Merging into the Fifth Dimension - a meditation & explanation, 39 mins.
  • Prosperity Consciousness - 28 mins.
  • Ancestral resistance to abundance - 42 mins.
  • Sabotaging abundance - 47 mins.
  • Manifesting the divine ideal - 34 mins.
  • Fearing abundance - 55 mins.
  • Judgements about abundance - 42 mins.
  • What is abundance? - 33 mins.
  • Random Inner-dialog: the principal block to Mastery - help clear your head, 34 mins.
  • Enhancing your innate gifts - 33 mins.
  • Activating your innate gifts - 30 mins.
  • Anchoring to your Sacred Path & Purpose - 27 mins.
  • Aligning to your Sacred Path & Purpose - 25 mins.
  • Releasing Blocked Energy - 33 mins.
  • Enriching your current love relationship - 32 mins.
  • Attracting your Divine mate - 63 mins.
  • Healing Broken relationships - 51 mins.
  • Divine templates to support honouring relationships - 48 mins.
  • Defining your reality for the new year - for any new year - 60 mins.

Enjoy it all for FREE - a gift from the outreach program of Serenity Ministry™ - you can also download & share with others.

For 'Healing the Food Chain' - please click here - opens in a new window.

For God's Mirror - scroll down \/

Each of these lectures encompasses a theme based clearing profile utilizing the SVH active form of prayer. Following our directive intentions, the Creator implements reformatting sequences that liberate the listener from embedded formatting, using the theme of the discourse and the active form of prayer.

These lectures are free of charge and downloadable. Making your own copies of these lectures and sharing them is encouraged. If you do not have the capability to make a copy or to listen to these lectures online, production copies are available for a small donation plus postage. These purchases support the ministry.

God's Mirror: site - scroll down

BOOKS: 6 Angel books by Michael F Bray now available - click here for info - opens in a new window