You are a Magnificent Amazing Being 
and we are all made from Stardust.

Serenity Fellowship

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Create The Divine Ideal Outcome for You or Planet Earth (or anything you choose)

Let us all have the intention for the DIVINE IDEAL OUTCOME for Yourself and Planet Earth or any positive goal or intention you have.

In this wonderful year of change and growth, with ease and grace: there are some interesting ideas in the collective consciousness.

Some negative (just describing) ideas, beliefs and group fears.

Happiness is a CHOICE. FREEDOM is a CHOICE. LIFE is a CHOICE.

Let us CHOOSE to use LOVE only.

Let us choose to be POSITIVE about the future - decide for the DIVINE IDEAL OUTCOME for all.


Network with POSITIVE people and groups.

Change your ideas and beliefs to change your life.

Here is a recommendation:

Tune into the list of MP3's and scroll down to: 'Wonderful World' to help you.

There are also many other MP3's there to help you - they are FREE.

Success and much Love, Michael


The Ideal Scenario (Ideal Outcome) is an SVH format that works with your constructive mind, the master intellect and your higher consciousness and soul, to fuel and support the unfolding of the most ideal scenario for situations you are addressing.

To activate the two SVH Trigger Processes utilised in this master manifestation exercise, close your eyes and imagine a big movie screen floating before you. On that screen are the two SVH Trigger Processes ‘Knowing’ and ‘I Am That’. Silently ask the Creator if it is in alignment for Creator to activate and implement the processes. When you have an affirmative sense or knowing, think ‘Yes’ and you are ready to apply the system.

To create an ideal scenario using the two SVH Trigger Processes ‘Knowing’ and ‘I Am That’, follow these easy steps and begin fueling the most incredible realities imaginable.

  • Think the SVH Trigger word ‘Knowing” to engage the first step. (This readies the constructive mind and master intellect the most ideal scenarios for your situation.)
  • Mentally define your directives: “I choose the ideal scenarios for.........................” (say only positive words.)
  • Think the SVH Trigger Word ‘I Am That’. (This engages a flow of creative energy to fuel the most ideal scenarios selected by your master intellect and activates comprehensive clearings any time negative or limiting energies have the potential to limit your success.) Enjoy

In any situation:  What would Love do now?
Remember that you are the creator of your reality by your thoughts, words and deeds. Choosing to change negative or self-defeating thoughts, words and actions and replacing them with the positive, supportive language of love - will release you from limitation and change your life experience.

Thank you

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