You are a Magnificent Amazing Being 
and we are all made from Stardust.

Serenity Fellowship

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Create The Divine Ideal Outcome for You or Planet Earth (or anything you choose)

Let us all have the intention for the DIVINE IDEAL OUTCOME for Yourself and Planet Earth or any positive goal or intention you have.

In this wonderful year of change and growth, with ease and grace: there are some interesting ideas in the collective consciousness.

Some negative (just describing) ideas, beliefs and group fears.

Happiness is a CHOICE. FREEDOM is a CHOICE. LIFE is a CHOICE.

Let us CHOOSE to use LOVE only.

Let us choose to be POSITIVE about the future - decide for the DIVINE IDEAL OUTCOME for all.


Network with POSITIVE people and groups.

Change your ideas and beliefs to change your life.

Here is a recommendation:

Tune into the list of MP3's and scroll down to: 'Wonderful World' to help you.

There are also many other MP3's there to help you - they are FREE.

Success and much Love, Michael

BOOKS: 4 Angel books by Michael F Bray now available - click here for info - opens in a new window

In any situation:  What would Love do now?
Remember that you are the creator of your reality by your thoughts, words and deeds. Choosing to change negative or self-defeating thoughts, words and actions and replacing them with the positive, supportive language of love - will release you from limitation and change your life experience.

Thank you